EPIC Sports Lodge

South Turf Field - No Walls

The facility also offers open play times from 12pm - 5pm Monday through Thursday for $5/participant. - [Please call the day of your visit to check for availability] - Field rentals take precedence over open play.  Once you have paid your open play fee you can play during all hours of open play (you are not time limited).  You can play on the turf or the courts.  You must bring your own balls.  You must have a Liability Waiver on file before you enter a field or court.  You must pay your $5 before you play and you will be issued an EPIC Sports Lodge Open Play Wristband.  Your wristband must remain on the entire time you play.  Open play is not a rental - you have the same rights to the fields and courts as the other open players.  You cannot manipulate a field or court and not allow others to participate.  Everyone will need to play nice and work with one another. 

North Turf Field - Walls

Turf Field Rental Rates 
Winter Rates (Peak Time: Nov. 1st - March 31st):  There are no discounts for winter time.  We only rent to teams that commit to November - February (same day and time each week and pay if use or not).  We typically have a very long waiting list for practice field time in the winter.  We are very limited with practice time availability as leagues take precedence over practice times.

Full Field - $140/hour
1/2 Field - $75/hour
Upstairs Practice Field - $60/hour

Spring - Summer - Fall Rates (Off Peak Time: April 1st - Oct. 31st):  During our off peak times we rent fields to teams at a reduced rates.  We offer even greater discounts to teams that commit to the entire Spring season OR Summer season or Fall season.  Our goal is that you choose to practice indoors to ensure no rain outs, great field conditions, etc... and to keep our prices competitive with outdoor field rental rates.

Full Field - $100/hour
1/2 Field - $60/hour
Upstairs Practice Field - $50/hour
Season Commitment Rates:  $75 for Full Field and $50 for 1/2 Field  (The season commitment rate is only for teams that practice on the same night and time each week for the season with no cancellations)

Indoor Court Rentals

We do not have seasonal rates for courts.  Courts can be set up for basketball or volleyball.

Full Court - $50/hour

1/2 Court - $35/hour
If you are interested in running a tournament or league call 816-795-7171

Sand Volleyball Courts

The Epic Sports Lodge has two sand volleyball courts that are lighted for night play.  The courts are connected to a 2,000sq.ft. patio that is connected to our Sports Bar and Concession area.  A great night out with friends.

Sand Court - $20/hour

Basketball Courts

Rental Rates

Field and Court Rentals

Upstairs Practice Field

Open Play 

The Epic Sports Lodge installed new Turf September of 2016.  The field is Shaw Sports Turf. The turf is an infill based turf.  We allow soccer cleats, turf shoes and flats on our fields but we do not allow football or baseball cleats (no toe cleats).  The fields are rented on the 1/2 hour, ie 5:30pm, 6:30pm, 7:30pm.  

If you are interested in renting the facility for an EVENT such as a Tournament, Fundraiser, Field Trip, Project Graduation, Lock In, Home Show, Consignment Sale, ? have an idea please see Event Page.

The Full Turf Fields measure approximately 180' x 75'

The Upstairs Practice Field measures approximately 75' x 50'

The Basketball Courts measure approximately 85' x 50'

Sand Volleyball Courts

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