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COVID-19 Policies/Procedures - UPDATED Monday, Nov. 23rd, 2020 (4:15pm CST)

  We hope that all of our friends and community partners are staying safe and informed in these ever changing times. All of us at the EPIC SportsLodge are committed to continue to provide a safe and healthy environment for all of our players, our coaches, our referees, and our staff. To ensure this commitment we will be adhering to the latest guidelines from our County elected officials and health department that go into effect on Friday, Nov. 20th.
  Fortunately, in the spirit of safety, The EPIC SportsLodge has already been operating it's leagues/classes/programs at less than 50% capacity ever since we were allowed to reopen our doors this past Summer under the County's Phase 2 Plan of it's COVID re-opening strategy. The latest updated capacity restrictions will
NOT affect any of our Adult/Youth leagues or rentals since we already operate at such a low volume, offer extended times between games, and stagger game start times. 
  Beginning Friday, Nov. 20th we will begin to implement the following policies to conform with the latest mandates.

1) SPECTATORS: While our competition areas (basketball/volleyball courts, turf fields, and golf simulator) will not be affected by the newest County ordinances, our spectating areas will be. At this time we are asking that our teams stay diligent to the following protocols:
     a) ADULT LEAGUES - No spectators allowed; players only. We also ask that the players arrive a maximum of fifteen (15) minutes prior to the start of their game and exit the building immediately following its conclusion. 

       b) YOUTH/HIGH SCHOOL LEAGUES - for our younger players we are asking that spectators stay limited to one (1) per child. Like the Adult leagues we ask that you arrive a maximum of fifteen (15) minutes prior to the start of the game and exit the building immediately following its conclusion. Our sitting areas will be marked to allow distance between seated spectators. 

2) MASKS (
updated): Masks MUST be worn at all times when in our Facility. EXEMPTION: any athlete (Youth/Adult) actively participating in a game/practice is allowed to remove their masks. All players not involved (i.e. players bench area, arriving/departing their game) MUST continue to wear their mask.  (*NOTE* While the EPIC SportsLodge will be allowed by the County to offer their league players the ability to remove their masks; your child's club/organization may not. Please confirm with your coordinators their individual masks policies.) 


  Our goal is to help assist our community and mitigate any potential for transmission of COVID-19 and this requires the full cooperation of all our most important business partners - our players and their families. It is our sincerest hope that these procedures now will help us continue to be able to offer our players the ability to do what they love and that is to play sports with their families and friends in our leagues. 
  As more information becomes available (and if/when we receive updated protocols from County health officials) we will be sure to communicate any future amendments to these new policies. 
  Please understand that, while these stricter COVID mandates are imposed from the elected leaders of Jackson County and are not specific to our business alone, the EPIC SportsLodge is dedicated to doing everything in its power to continue to operate at the level and capacity that all of our teams plus players have joined us expecting. 
  We thank you in advance for your participation in these latest policies as well as your consideration of the safety of all of our family and community friends. Please stay safe and we look forward to seeing all of our players with us this Winter!