Epic Sports Lodge has our own Bubble Balls available to rent or for Party Packages

What is Bubble Ball?

More fun than soccer, safer than football, cheaper than hockey, and bouncier than basketball. BubbleBall guarantees to make you spin, bounce and laugh like no other sport in history!

Bubble Balls are large plastic inflatable balls that participants wear like a backpack.  Players play soccer while wearing Bubble Balls.  Players can bounce off of one another making for a fun and exciting game.  You will come off the field breathing hard, sweating and laughing.

Fun Day with Friends

Team Parties

Birthday Parties

Corporate Team Building

Family Reunions

Graduation Parties

​Size Requirments

Before you rent, please be aware you must be 4'11" tall and weigh a minimum of 110 lbs.  We have limited balls (2) that can handle participants over 220 lbs.


Unlike other Bubble Ball renters all of our rentals include indoor field time.  You will have an amazing facility, a turf surface, a temperate environment all year long and you will never be cancelled on due to inclement weather.

1 hour rental $200 (include field time and field coordinator)

2 hour rental $300 (include field time and field coordinator)

Birthday Party Rentals

If you would like to have a Bubble Ball Birthday Party we have specific Birthday Party Packages.  Birthday Party Packages include the party room for 2 hours, the upstairs field rental for 1 hour, field and party coordination, paper goods, balloons, table covers and food options as add ons.  Parties are designed for 15 participants.  Please review the packages and call to schedule your date and time.

Bubble Balls

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