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Upcoming Leagues

Flag Football Leagues are 8 games.  Typically the last week of the league is a playoff match to determine final places, ie. 1st vs 2nd, 3rd vs 4th, etc..  Games consist of two, 24-minute halves.

​​NEW Adult Tuesday Night 5v5 Flag League:  BEGINS TBD.  Division B and C level teams only.  Coed teams are encouraged to play in this division - if we get enough teams that are coed we will make a separate division!

Sunday 5v5 Adult Flag League - Divisions A, B and C (we have a league for everyone). Leagues BEGIN TBD  Individual and team registrations accepted.  

Game Times:  Weekday games typically start at 8:30pm and last games will be no later than 11:30pm.  Weekend games are typically played 4pm to 11pm.



Relive your glory days!  Play 5v5 Flag Football at the KC Sports Lodge.  We offer 6 sessions per year of Adult Flag Football:  Winter 2, Spring, Summer 1, Summer 2, Fall and Winter 1.  If you have questions please call 816-795-7171.


League Champions are awarded their choice of a team trophy or Championship shirts at the conclusion of each session AND we post your picture on Facebook and Twitter!

Process For Registering: 
NEW Facility Player Cards: We will be implementing a $10/player card fee for all field participants. Must have a card before permitted on the field. The player cards will be good from November 1st to October 31st. The player cards will be used by Epic Sports Lodge staff in a variety of ways: 1) Cards will ensure player has a signed waiver 2) Provides a tool for the referees and staff to check in players before games 3) Cards will be held for suspensions. No card, no play. If you forget your card the front desk will be able to verify. If you lose your card we will give you one free replacement card and all additional replacements will be $3. All cards will include 1 free open play session and several in house facility discount opportunities. The cards protect the facility from players participating in leagues/activities that have not completed necessary paperwork and it protects league integrity. We know the extra cost of the card is a concern to many but the card fee will be paid back with added benefits and services.

How this works:  There are four ways to sign up:  Register a team and pay in full, Team Captain, Team Player or Free Agent.

1)  TEAM CAPTAIN - Register a Team and pay in full (total cost for team is $550.00):  Select  “New Team – Pay in full” option.  Enter in your team name and complete the registration information.  The next thing to do is pay.  You must pay in full when you register.  If you do not want to pay in full select the Team Captain option.You will be sent a link to create your roster.  Must complete the roster online before you play your first game.  Once a player has been rostered to your team they will receive a link to open to allow them complete their player profile and complete liability waiver.  Players will not be allowed to play until they complete the liability waiver and receive their annual $10 player card.

2)  TEAM MANAGER:  You have a roster and you want to register a team and have players pay individually (total cost for team is $575.00):
Select  “New Team – Team Captain”  option.  Enter in your new team name and complete the team registration information.  The next thing you do is to pay.  As a team captain, your registration is $55 plus a $100 deposit to reserve your spot in the league.  Once all of your teammates have signed up (need 8 more), you get your $100 deposit back OR you can keep in your account for an upcoming session.  You can add additional players to your roster after you and the other 8 players have paid.  They will not be charged by us, but you can settle with them on your own.  Now, all you need to do is invite your teammates to join your team.  Email your teammates a link to our sign up page and they can register for the team you just created.  No players will be allowed to play on your team without being on your roster and having a Sports Lodge Player Card.

3)  Team Player:  You just got an email from your team captain saying that you are on a team and now you need to sign up (Total cost per player is $65 + a one time annual $10 Player card fee) Select “With a Team” option.  Complete the registration information, enter payment info, accept the waiver and submit.  Congrats, you’re on a team.

4)  Free Agent:  Want to play but don’t have a team?  We can help!  Cost for a Free Agent registration is $75 which will include a shirt if we place you on a “house team”.  Select  “Individual Registration” and pick the Free Agent option.  Complete the registration information, sign the waiver and submit.  We’ll reach out to you once we have found you a team and you’ll be billed and will receive a schedule.

REGISTER HERE  for all Adult Soccer Leagues

Don't forget to enjoy Henson's Post Game Sports Bar after your game!  Enjoy the great food and awesome drink specials.  Catch the next game through the glass or watch one of KC's Sports Teams on our flat screens.  

Adult Flag Football

Just like our other adult sports leagues we have many rules, but the most important rule is, "Don't be a Jerk"!  ​​People want to play and have fun.  If you want to argue every call, fight, tackle people, talk smack, etc...we can recommend some other facilities for you.  Our refs will enforce our rules, will give you 10 yd personal fouls calls and they will kick you out if you need it.  Our management staff will suspend you from playing if you deserve it.  Being competitive and playing hard to win is great, but keep things realistic - you are playing indoor flag football at the KC Sports Lodge.  You are not playing in the NFL or for a Division 1 program.  People want to play and they want to go to work then next day!