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Start Dates for Upcoming Leagues:
Adult Flag Football Leagues are $525 for 8 games (one of which is a playoff to determine final place).  There are not discounts for Adult Flag League - price is already reduced.

All teams must pay a $125 deposit.  All teams are required to be paid in full by the start of the 3rd game.  Any team not paid in full by 3rd game will be assessed a $25/week late fee for non payment.  

Here's our soap box on paying:  You don't go to McDonalds and get your food, eat it and then pay for it later - you need to pay your bill before you play.  We'd love to be nice to all of you but the reality of the situation is many people given a break never come up with their money and then the break becomes the norm and that particular norm does not pay our staff, utilities, building, referees, insurance, etc......Just pay your invoice on time.  If you don't pay and then you play and then we don't let you play anymore - all of the other teams now have forfeits and no shows and the schedule is turned upside down.  We do appreciate your business and your support but we have to have a firm system that everyone abides to.  

Tuesday Night 5v5 Recreational Flag League: BEGINS 8/15/17 (Deadline 8/10/17)  Most of our participation is from teams registering to play.  However, individual players or teams that do not have full rosters are encouraged to register for this league as individuals.  KC SportsLodge will form a HOUSE TEAM of registered individuals if there is room available after full teams have enrolled. If you want to play with other individual registrants just put their name in the comments section and we will get you on the same team. Individual registration cost is $65/player and you get a team shirt when you are placed on a house team.  Games are typically played  8:30pm - 11:30pm.

Sunday  5v5 Adult Flag League - Divisions A, B and C (we have a league for everyone). Leagues BEGIN 10/1/17 (Deadline is 9/24/17).  Individual and team registrations accepted.  Games are typically played 4pm to 11pm on Sundays.

League Champions are awarded a team trophy at the conclusion of each session AND we post your picture on Facebook and Twitter!



Don't forget to enjoy the Clubhouse Sports Bar after your game!  Enjoy the great food and awesome drink specials.  Catch the next game through the glass or watch one of KC's Sports Teams on our flat screens.  

Adult Flag Football

Relive your glory days!  Play 5v5 Flag Football at the KC Sports Lodge.  We offer 6 sessions per year of Adult Flag Football:  Winter 2, Spring, Summer 1, Summer 2, Fall and Winter 1.  Sessions are typically 8 games with one of those being a playoff match up - 1st vs 2nd, 3rd vs 4th, etc...  


We will offer HS divisions for younger players during selected sessions.

Just like our other adult sports league we have many rules, but the most important rule is, "Don't be a Jerk"!  ​​People want to play and have fun.  If you want to argue every call, fight, tackle people, talk smack, etc...we can recommend some other facilities for you.  Our refs will enforce our rules, will give you 10 yd personal fouls calls and they will kick you out if you need it.  Our management staff will suspend you from playing if you deserve it.  Being competitive and playing hard to win is great, but keep things realistic - you are playing indoor flag football at the KC Sports Lodge.  You are not playing in the NFL or for a Division 1 program.  People want to play and they want to go to work then next day!